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                       Classes are 8 hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm* 

                                          Fridays & Saturdays

 (*1 hour lunch break)

Call to Register   425-312-5515

Next set of classes are held

8:00am to 5:00pm

Class "A" 8.0hrs  $110.00


2.Three Big Basics in Electricity

3.DC-(Direct Current)Circuits

4.Power and Energy

Class "B" 8.0hrs  $110.00

1.Power and Energy Pt. 1

2.Power and Energy Pt. 2

3.Power and Energy Symbols


Class "C" 8.0hrs  $110.00

1.Magnetism and Electricity

2.Magnetism and AC (Alternating Current)

3.Magnetism and Practical Use Of It

4.Magnetism and Motors

Class "D" 8.0hrs  $110.00

1.AC - Alternating Current Pt. 1

2.AC - Alternating Current Pt. 2

3.AC - Alternating Current Pt. 3

4.AC - Alternating Current Pt. 4

Materials Required:

2017 NEC CODEBOOK Paper/Pencil Notebook

Class "E" 8.0hrs  $110.00

1.RCW/WAC Requirements Pt. 1

2.RCW/WAC Requirements Pt. 2

3.WAC/NEC Requirements

4.WAC/NEC Review

electrical Badge.png

Class "F" 8.0hrs  $110.00

1.Electrical Circuits and NEC Requirements

2.Electrical Circuits and NEC

3.Industrial Controls and Panels Pt. 1

4.Industrial Controls and Panels Pt. 2

48.0hrs of Continuing Education.

Classes may or may not be held in order. 


Mauro    Electric

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